RPGaDay2015: Days 12 and 13

Got behind yesterday, so here we are today doing two -- which probably figures, because I don't really have excellent answers for either of them.

Day 12: Favorite RPG Illustration

So, I love art in RPG books. Love love love. As a result of that... yeah, I got nothin'. I don't have a favorite, really. How could I ever pick just one? I will tell you who I love as an illustrator, though: Alessandro Alaia.

The above image is "Line of Defense," and he did it for Chill -- and that, to me, is so indicative of the game that I can't even express it any better than he did in images -- and as a word person, that's saying something. If you want to know what Chill is, look up. It's all there. And it's gorgeous. 

Day 13: Favorite RPG Podcast

So, there are a billion awesome RPG podcasts out there, and I don't regularly listen to any of them. I know, I feel bad about it. But grad school, you see, and I can't work while someone's talking in my ear... so no podcasts for me. It's not like I listen to podcasts about anything else either, though. I want to. I just... don't. That said, I'll happily be on your podcast, if you have one, and who knows? Maybe you'll be the podcast that gets me to start listening to them. :) 

But don't count on it. 


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