RPGaDay2015: Day 10

RPGaDay2015: Favorite RPG Publisher

So, if I'm disqualifying my own company (which of course I am, because lame), I think I have to pick Evil Hat Productions, makers of Fate Core, Atomic Robo, and the Dresden Files RPG among others.

There are a lot of RPG companies out there, and and I have friends at most of them, so this is saying something when I pick one at which I only know people to say hello to as I pass them in the hall at a con. Evil Hat has been a surprising force for good in our industry, spearheading an entirely new system that's become a standard of play, breaking out a franchise game that rocked the standings for who gets noticed, helping create the Bits and Mortar initiative, and generally being good people who do good things. This is not to say other people in gaming aren't good people doing good things, but Fred et. al.'s mindfulness about the industry as a whole and their willingness to be transparent about their processes have been an active force for good.

Second place goes to Posthuman Studios, who are likewise willing to take ethical stands and live up to them. All the love, friends. All the love.


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