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I've been a bad blogger...

... but I've gotten a lot of work done, so that's something.

I've finished three knitting projects and started on two (2!) pairs of socks, one color work and one plain that a friend requested. I'm looking at starting on a star-stitch scarf, because obviously we all need another scarf in the world, and I can't let this yarn I bought that's the wrong size for what I want to do go to waste. It's really pretty, even if it is far too yellow for me to use in a lot of ways. (I look like death with yellow next to my face. Seriously. Not a good thing.)

Sephi got out of the yard yesterday and went wandering, and I went this morning to pick her up from animal control (she's fine -- the lady there knows her and knows us, we just couldn't get back by 3:30 to pick her up, given that we finally got the call at 3:25). All is well, though we have to make sure her paperwork is caught up and get all the collar batteries for the invisible fence updated.

My gothic class…

Stuff coming up

Hey! So next week I'm going to be a guest at Midwinter Gaming Convention in Milwaukee, WI, Wed-Sun. Jan 14-17. I'll be doing some panels and running a session of Tragedy, as well as manning the IGDN booth, your source for indie rpgs! Also hanging out and talking and maybe playing in some stuff, not to mention making time to take Matt to the Safe House (shhhh!). If you're going to be there, come by and see us!

Also, Oscar nominations come out next week, and I'll start posting about the Oscar movies I've seen again, along with the thoughts about the menu we'll be basing around the best picture nominations. Potential nominees already seen: Creed, Concussion, Mad Max Fury Road, and the Revenant (not counting any animated stuff). Yay for a new year!