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Five months later....

Here, it's a picture of a cute pig from the Internet. Enjoy.

So, Dear Reader, the last we saw of each other was when I got that amazing survey back and could not figure out what the heck I was going to do with it. (I am much closer to doing something with it, btw, but that'll take another few months.) I had every intent of posting again, and soon, but then... well, my dissertation ramped up and ate my life. I've been making good progress, but I'm on something of a deadline at the moment, so I'm forced to ignore pretty much everything that isn't it, including this blog. I still love you all, though. Truly. Would Little Piglet lie to you? No, it would not. Oink.

In life updates though, in the past five months:

Both my sons are graduating high schoolI've finished drafts of three and a half chaptersI've been a guest at a convention (Breakout Con in Toronto, ON!)I've been elected president of a game developers trade organization (IDGN!)I've received …