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As we say in Academia, 2015/16.

Rising Waters, Season 2 Finale (and DFA playtest)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Why I'm not excited about the new Deadpool movie, or Neurotypical Emulation Protocols (NEP)*

No guilt.


Rising Waters DFA Playtest: Character Conversion!

Boo rain-y-ness!

Desire to knit rising...

Project Ramblings: A Comedy in Five Acts

Dissertation Chat: Latour

Diversity in Gaming, or not being the yardstick of the universe.

The past returns

I have made a pair of socks that is too small for everyone I know


Letting Perfect be the Enemy of "Oh Just Do Something Already."

Non solum canes sed etiam feles vivens promisce

Things that happened this weekend:

Game and voices (semi-random)

RPGaDay2015 -- The End

RPGaDay2015: Day 27

RPGaDay2015: Day 26

RPGaDay2015: the last week's worth of entries

Rising Waters: Season 2.5, Session 3