Rising Waters: Season 2.5, Session 3

Following the ghoul battle, everyone went to get cleaned up. Zeke's phone rings, though. It's his mortal, not-informed girlfriend calling to verify their dinner plans.  Ree'sha (I'm spelling this wrong, I know, but I don't have his sheet in front of me) asked if they were still getting together, and whether or not she needed to buy a new dress for his friend's wedding, since she got an invitation but she remembered his friend was a bit odd.

Zeke immediately went on alert, as his girlfriend was now planning on attending Uno's wedding when he still didn't have an invite, and from all they could tell, wasn't going to get one. He broke off from the rest of the group and set about getting dinner reservations and getting cleaned up and prepped for what might be a difficult evening.

Upon hearing that people were getting invitations to his wedding, Uno starts freaking out. People work on calming him down while they start checking with their own loved ones. Dylan calls his parents, who say they think they got something but threw it away. Eldi learns Hui got one and is planning on attending, because Uno is Eldi's friend. Everyone Uno knows is already going, and Viktor's contact didn't get one. Adia's ex got one and isn't planning on going, and wanted to know why she hadn't left town yet.

Adia went looking for her sugar skull, after realizing other people couldn't see Josh, and that's when it came out that Dylan had left it in the diving bell accidentally. The group minus Zeke finishes cleaning up and heads over to the Fells Point waterfront to try to get it from the diving bell without being noticed or getting in a fight with whatever. They went to get it and Eldi did some glamour, so while they almost got noticed, they managed to cover it and be fine. What they discovered is that the salt circle Dylan had surrounded it with was blown out all over the floor, omnidirectionally, presumably from when the demon voice was coming through it.

Since demons shouldn't be able to use the skull, though, Viktor starts studying the skull and looks at it with the Sight. He discovers that it's a) not a human skull, although it's related -- maybe a sidhe skull -- and the magics that power it are both demonic and fae, which shouldn't be a thing ever. They start looking at the other gifts, and it becomes clear that while some are of fae origin, some aren't, and some are blended, getting weirder and weirder.

Uno suggests going to the library to see the loremaster of Baltimore to ask about the artifacts and to see if there's anything he can do to get out of these contracts. They all take off tot he library and meet Jeffrey, the head librarian. He's pretty nonplussed by the articles wanted to go to library and see the loremaster to see if they could figure out what was going on, and how he could get out of this. He agrees to look at the artifacts, but he needs all of them in one place to do that. We leave our characters going to get the rest of the stuff and coming back to find out what's going on!


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