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Rising Waters: Sessions 4 & 4.5

Song: Hallelu, Devil Makes Three

Following the goblin battle, the group is filled with the pressing need to find out what exactly is going on. They've got a dinner to keep with Mickey (who looks something like the image to the right) but first they want to have a bit more info. In order to do that, they call on their contacts.

Uno, Adia, Eldi, and Zeke head off to Duff's place in the hope that he knows something about what's going on. Dylan and Viktor stay behind to see what they can figure out as well.

Duff withstands Adia's offers of marriage as a sugar-high induced lapse of judgement and pawns her off with a cupcake while he talks business with Uno and Zeke. Duff points out that Adelphia, Uno's intended, has a lover already and isn't perhaps best thrilled to be engaged, given that it sort of means the end of her relationship with her lover, her being the heir to the throne and all. He also mentions that there are a lot of people who stand to gain and lose, a…