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Timewatch: Session Six!

Going by Wallis's reported date of death, the team showed up in 1924 a few days early, trying to get ahead of the time split (which they did). Solomon hung back at the Citadel for a moment/day/ever -- time travel tends to make that sort of distinction meaningless (their player was out). The team staked out her house and started looking for ways to find interference/figure out exactly when the event would take place.

Micah starts off with his disguise as a groundskeeper at the Spencer household (she's still married to her first husband at this point). He sees a chauffeur working on the car outside the garage in back of the house, so he wanders over and starts a conversation. He has a pleasant talk with the driver, with the result that he learns there's going to be a party on Friday and the driver isn't needed to stay and wait. He also learns that her husband is gone for quite long intervals and is not terribly close with his wife. 
Caroline, in the meantime, pays a soci…

Timewatch: Session Five

Leaving last session's dinner party, the group heads back to the Citadel for a quick regroup and identity change before leaping forward in time. They return to London in May 1930 at a swanky party that HRH Prince Edward is attending, where in theory he meets Wallis and her then-husband, Ernest Simpson. 
Caroline and Jason keep the same personas, and thus are recognized by the people they met at the weekend in the country. Freda in particular seems very interested in Caroline and invites her to stay at her house, determined to find her a suitable husband and keep her around. Caroline, who is likewise interested in Freda, maintains her cool, keeping the conversation open. 
Solomon acts as a photographer at the party, documenting and seeing how the crowd interacts. He's the observer, looking for things that might be out of place. 
Micah's persona is very much himself, but as a captain after the WWI who stayed in England. He's a fish out of water a bit, but can play up the…