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Weight loss update

I've lost about five pounds, give or take. That doesn't seem like much, and given the vagaries of the female body and water retention it's really not, but it's a start. I'll feel better about it when I get to ten. It's much harder to write of ten as "not real change," which is a huge bugaboo for me when dealing with weight loss. Even more than a shift in numbers, though, I'm fitting into pants I was last able to wear last summer. That's pretty spiffy, all things considered.

Rising Waters, Season 2.5: Session 1!

So, for those of you who are more recent readers of my blog (I think there might be a whole three of you :)), I have over the past few years run a sporadic Dresden Files game which I call Rising Waters. It's set in Baltimore, and it has a motley collection of characters. It keeps going on hiatus as real life and grad school intervene, but my players, God love them, seem to enjoy it and always want me to pick it back up again. I'm therefore running it once more, picking back up from where we left off six months ago. For previous sessions, please see the "Rising Waters" tag on my blog -- that'll give you the character backgrounds, etc.

So. When last we left our intrepid heroes, we were roughly a week out from Midsummer, which means a week out from Uno's engagement party to the summer lady. Dylan had just finished working to create a diving bell/old-fashioned submarine, which he planned to use to find evidence of ghouls in the river off Fells Point. We met two …


Note: potential eating disorder triggers below.

I've never had an eating disorder. If anything, I've let myself go the opposite direction. I'm overweight by something like 60 lbs, by my reckoning, though if you were to ask a physician based solely on BMI, they'd likely say something closer to 80 lbs. I have scoliosis and my ankles are prone to giving me hell, and in recent years I've heard a mysterious crackling sound in one knee. I also have high blood pressure, currently controlled through medication, and a history of heart disease and stroke in my family. I really need to lose some goddamn weight, as Patton Oswalt would say.

My aunt, on the other hand, did have an eating disorder. She was 10 years older than I was at the time I remember figuring out something was wrong, which puts her in high school while I was in grade school. She would eat almost nothing, and it was typically a fight to get anything into her, and then in a bit she'd throw it back up. But …