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The Joys of Being an Introvert

Okay, so one of the downsides of poly is that there is someone else in my space on a regular basis who isn't my husband, my kids, or even my housemate. I have to take account of this extra person (and who's playing said person on a give day shifts, as there isn't just one, although there's starring roles and special guest stars). This in itself is not a huge deal, except that I'm an introvert by nature, and the more stressed I get (especially later in the semester) the more introvert-y I become. It takes energy to be social beyond the few people I can accept as family/extended self, and I've got so many demands on my energy and time already. And I know, it may not seem like a lot, but I'm rationing to get through as it is when the demands get high.

One of the things this has brought up to me is the idea that I need to be able to ask for more alone/just family time, and if I can't have it with people, I need to be able to go and get it somewhere else…
Alright, so starting a new blog to see if I can reboot my journaling habit. I haven't figured out yet if I can import all my old posts so it can be relatively contiguous or not, but if I can't I'll live. That's what archives are for.

So, who am I? I'm a early-40-something grad student and erstwhile English prof who's in a poly relationship. My household includes three dogs, two sons who live with their father halfway across the US from me (most of the time), two step kiddos who are here with us a few days a week, a husband who makes sure I eat and get love and all that stuff, his girlfriend, our housemate, and all the friends/gaming groups that act as special guest stars. I write and edit pen-and-paper RPGs when I'm not teaching people how to write and read and think about stuff (or learning about that stuff myself).

I have a game company. It's called Growling Door Games, and it's a joint effort between myself and my husband. Our second game is due …