RPGaDay2015: Day 9

Day 9: Favorite Media You Wish Was an RPG

If I could make anything I wanted into an RPG, it would be this. Space Rome, Immortal Juice, people/animal hybrids, intergalactic space travel, hoverskates.... oh heck yeah, I would play in this world. And unlike a lot of stories, I don't feel like Jupiter's is the only story here. EVERYONE has a story. I could play anyone and it would be equally valid; the people of interest are not restricted to the upper-class universe rulers, although they are interesting. The question of what Jupiter does or doesn't do to/with the rest of the Abraxis family and their Immortal Juice harvesting remains outstanding, as does what other planets she is considered to "own" and what all is even out there.

Oh yeah. I would play and write the heck out of this. Wachowskis, if you're listening, I'm totally your girl. :)


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