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Rising Waters, Session 3

Opening Song:The Sky is a Poisonous Garden Tonight, Concrete Blonde

So standing in the hallway, listening to the scrabbling on the roof, Uno calls Zeke and says that Heidi is going to host his party and oh, by the way, there's something weird going on and maybe they should come over. Zeke nods, everyone starts getting in the car, but then Adia realizes Eldi is missing.

Zeke goes looking for her and, with his keen eyes, realizes that she's pretending to be a flower in a flower stand. He goes to retrieve her, but she insists on being purchased, being a flower and all. Zeke rolls his eyes and buys her, then gives her to Adia, suddenly embarrassed because he's realized it looks like he's giving flowers to someone not his girlfriend. Adia stuffs Eldi back in her purse hurriedly ("Watch the wings!") and they all pile into cars. Dylan and Viktor ride in his car while everyone else goes with Zeke. When you let the kinetomancer drive, though, the laws of physics tend …

Rising Waters, Session 2

Opening song: Glory and Gore, Lorde

We pick up our story at Mo's, with a depressed Uno trying to justify ways to not get married, but kind of failing -- leaving the one reason that he doesn't want to, but more than that, he doesn't want to choose yet -- and he has to in order to get married.

The group ponders who would have sent them the items, but no one has any set ideas. They're sitting down to try to get through that when Zeke's phone rings -- it's work. They've got a strange local murder, and they're wanting him to come consult and take a look at it, if he would. Zeke takes off to meet the officer at the scene. Uno also takes off, as he wants to meet with his changeling posse and tell them the news.

While the rest of them are finishing lunch and preparing to go head off on their various plans for the day, Adia gets a text -- from her ex, Mickey. saying that he wants to talk to her and has some information for her. "Call me."Overruling the…

5 reasons why getting married at 19 was a really stupid idea.

The other morning, I was tooling around Facebook (like you do) when I encountered a link to this article: 5 Reasons Why I Got Engaged Before 23. I was so moved to post that I went out and found that engagement picture, which is not mine, but which I chose because regardless of any associated aesthetic qualities, it was pretty obviously taken at the University of Oklahoma campus, which was also the setting for my own really misguided adventure into holy matrimony at a young age.

Disclaimer: I got married at 19 to a 19 yr. old guy. We were both each other's first official girl/boyfriend and had not dated, really, prior to our relationship. We had dated for a bit over a year before we were married, and a bit less than six months before we got engaged. We were married for fifteen years before getting divorced -- not a bad run time-wise by any standards, I think. We have two children together, and have both remarried since. I personally know people who got married at similar ages and a…

Rising Waters: Session 1

Rising Waters, Season 2 Session 1Opening song: Team, by Lorde
Our setting is Baltimore, Charm City. The story opens with a concert at Moe's, which also is accorded neutral ground within the city. There's a group of changelings who've formed a band, and Duff from Charm City Cakes (a former changeling himself) is sponsoring their concert (about half the band members work for him). The band's name is Tempest, and their style is something like you might get if a ren faire, the Lumineers, and a goth metal band all had a baby together. That said, it's not bad... just wildly uneven.

All the PCs got an invitation to this, as really there were very few people who were friendly to Duff who didn't. He catered it, you see. So they all show up, including Zeke's new girlfriend, who is into local music and wanted to give it a try. Uno's working front of house, in an effort to stretch his human legs a little more and get some spending money, Dylan's making sure Ad…