Boo rain-y-ness!

Today was a day full of cold and rain. I got halfway through the day, huddled under a blanket with long sleeves and pants and socks on and my hands freezing while I typed before I finally gave in and suggested we should turn the heater on. The high for today was 48 degrees Farenheit or so, which means cold. It's much more pleasant now that the heater is on, really. That said, it's OCTOBER THIRD, people. What the heck is up with that? The rest of the week should be warmer, and I'm glad of it, because I really don't need to be running the heater all winter starting now. That's crazypants.

I've been working on editing today, and I've almost gotten through a chunk of the book I'm working on, which is lovely to contemplate. I've also almost got the Totoro baby romper completed -- just two more snaps to sew on. And here it is! All done and laid out and ready to be sent to its new home. It is, admittedly, too big for said little girl, but it means she'll be warm this year for Halloween (and other times) and if there's one thing to be said about babies, they grow into things quickly.

Its intended recipient is a lovely little girl named Alice. For her, I put a flower on Totoro's head along with a leaf, because it just seemed right. Totoro is a bit bemused, however. And possibly slightly stoned. Something's definitely going on with those eyes, I'm just saying.

And then there are mittens! That's not Totoro bone sticking out the end, it's a cord so that the mittens don't get lost, like you do with small kids and mittens to prevent them from getting lost. So it's really not gruesome, I promise. Once there's a kiddo inside the Totoro romper, no one will even notice.

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