Happy Thanksgiving!

While we had the official McFarland holiday feast of Thanks yesterday, today I have the blog post of thanks! I am officially thankful for the following!

  • Matthew McFarland, as he manages through his wizardry to let me have a semi-normal life with food and friends and gaming and kids and a house and dogs and family and love. 
  • His kiddos, Teagan and Cael, who very patiently stand in with me for my own kids sometimes, despite being awesome kids on their own. 
  • His mom, Suzanne, who is a pretty darn good mother-in-law and who is one of my primary sources of higher ed encouragement.
  • His ex, Heather, who is sane and smart and patient and good-humored. And a cake wizard.
  • My dogs, who remind me that as long as we have petting and food and water and a nice place to sleep, nothing is all that bad. 
  • Alisdair, my eldest son, who is 18 and trying to find his way in the world. 
  • William, my youngest son, who is 16 and cutting a swathe with his humor and dapper choices. 
  • My advisor, Chris Flint, who is supportive and communicative and generally awesome. 
  • My students this year, who've stayed engaged and are working their way through academic writing. 
  • My cohort, as we all see each other through this crazy journey of getting a doctorate. 
  • Knitting, for giving me a thing to do that helps center me. 
  • My dad, for getting better from pneumonia, even if it's taking longer than we'd like
  • My mom, for being smart and capable and basically doing all the things this year. 
  • My gaming group, because they're awesome and they show up each week and I love them all. :) 

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