As we say in Academia, 2015/16.

So! It's the end of the year! That means it's time for a yearly wrap-up, along with everyone else's blog. :)

Things I did:

  • Got started getting tested for autism
  • Coordinated convention stuff for IGDN
  • Helped make the case for a quiet room at GenCon
  • Taught engineers why communication is important
  • Taught music students how writing fits into what they do
  • Finished Chill and delivered it to the world
  • Got my dissertation prospectus approved and outlined key parts of it
  • Got my first publication acceptance as an academic 
  • Got my first "revise and resubmit" as an academic
  • Developed my first material for Onyx Path
  • Met my oldest's girlfriend via Facebook (!)
  • Discovered Hamilton
  • Knitted some major projects, including the Pac-Man blanket, finishing Will's color stripe rainbow blanket, and a whole bunch of fingerless gloves
  • Discovered that corn, milk, and nuts really are not my friends at all any more. :( Luckily cheese and yogurt are still on good terms with my stomach, for the most part. 
  • Got accepted for a big conference in 2016
  • Got a travel award for that conference
  • Went to New Orleans for the first time (and presented at that conference!)
  • Got a new (to-me) car (thanks Mom!)
  • Knitted something for myself
  • Got a new (to-me) couch that's much nicer than our old one
  • Finished my language requirement for my degree, making me officially ABD (!!!)
Things I did not do: 
  • Keep from gaining back weight over the fall/winter
  • Maintain going to the gym
  • Actually write text on a draft of the dissertation
  • Read everything I should have read
  • Succeed in keeping all my friends from beginning to the end of the year
Things I will be doing in 2016:
  • Teaching a lit/comp class I designed
  • Revising and resubmitting that damn article
  • Writing my dissertation
  • Going to London for research (ideally)
  • Seeing my eldest graduate high school
  • Improving my knitting further
  • Potentially learning to use arduino stuff (it's SO COOL)
  • Getting new chairs for the dining room
  • Finding a way to keep my desk usably clean
  • Looking for jobs and assembling job search materials
  • Writing A Comedy in Five Acts
  • Getting my youngest's senior pictures taken
  • Spending a week in Michigan
  • Visiting my parents in their new house
  • Going to learn more about rare books at the Rare Book School
  • Spending time with my kids, when they're available
  • Starting a whole new phase of life, whatever else it might be
Y'know, all things considered, that looks pretty good. 

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