50 posts, yay!

So I managed to make it to 50 posts! While I'm not posting daily, I'm posting semi-regularly, and that's something in and of itself. Today's post, then, is sort of a general update.

1) GenCon is done. We did well (I won't say we made money on the con as a whole), but we offset a decent portion of our expenses. We sold through nearly all the stock we brought -- we might have sold more had we been more ambitious about bringing material, but then we might have had to carry stuff home, too, so it worked out. I had a great time, my kids had a great time, and all is well on that front. And now on to Chill, 3rd Edition. *grin*

2) Classes start today. We got glowing reviews from the summer course I co-taught, so I'm thrilled with that. I've got Latin this afternoon but that's the only class I'm taking -- so long as I can order my books today, I'll be fine.

3) I've got a ton of studying and writing to do. No really. You don't even want to know.

4) My kids flew back to their dad's house last night. It's like part of me is missing. It always feels like this until I get used to it again, and there's nothing for it but to buck up and try not to expose myself to stuff that'll make me cry, and not go up to their room for a couple of weeks. Every time they leave here, I ask myself again why in the world I thought leaving them was a good idea -- why I thought I was okay to do that. The answer is, of course, that I thought it wouldn't be permanent and that when I sent for them after I'd gotten set up, they'd come. I also wasn't supporting us on the income I could get, and I needed to go to grad school -- it's the best thing I've ever done, and I'm good at it, and I couldn't do it where I was. Also, there was this guy, who is now my husband, which means I can't go back. My life is wonderful, except that my boys aren't here with me, and that just kills me even though every single other aspect of it is a vast improvement. It'll get better. It always does. But right now it sucks.

5) I think Matt and I might join a bowling league in October. We shall see.


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