I seem to have lost the talent for blogging

I know there's a thing where you post something that doesn't have to be much at all, and at least it's
there on the blog, without having to be a multi-hundred word entry. I used to be able to do that on LJ -- the stakes were lower somehow. But now I feel like I need to have a substantial entry of note for each thing I post, as though it were a real publication that I need to justify the existence of. After all, if it's not interesting, why publish it?

Which means that there's a lot of weight in that word, "publish," as opposed to just writing something. I'm not just writing (which is an inherently self-directed/absorbed activity), I'm publishing, which means I'm doing this for someone else. I'm not just diarizing, I'm blogging. I'm courting an audience, sort of. I'm creating something outward-facing. It needs to be impressive, thoughtful, funny, meaningful, or somehow otherwise worth the time of random people who might stop by.

You know what? To heck with that.

I'm going to journal. I'm going to post things that are too long for Facebook but not so long they take up a great deal of time. I'm going to break myself of the thought that writing is somehow always on show, that if it isn't perfect, it's not worth doing. I'm going to write for myself -- and if you (anonymous reader) find it interesting and stop by, so much the better. And if you don't, that's okay too. Because I'm a reader, and a writer, and sometimes it's just nice to have a place to talk about random thoughts. So here we are, and that's what I'll try to keep doing and ignore all the expectations I've been developing for the words I set down.


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