Rising Waters, Session 5

Song: One Less Problem (Ariana Grande ft. Iggy Azalea)

The play session started with everyone meeting back at Moe's for lunch after disbursing to their homes for the evening. There was no luck tracking the third ghoul or finding out for sure if the second had been eliminated, though there's no reason to assume it wasn't -- it was a pretty effective method they used, overall.

The problem came when they tried to figure out what to do. Uno was adamant about not contacting Adelphia, but he wasn't sure who he should be talking to either. Dylan was fascinated by that glimpse of something in the deeps of the bay and felt the ghoul attacks were linked to it, and wanted to investigate further. Zeke wanted to make sure the ghoul wasn't heading around hungry. After discussion, Dylan reveals that he wants to make a diving bell go to down and see what's down there in the Bay. The rest of the group is somewhat skeptical, but it's a plan, at least. They decide to split up -- Uno, Zeke, and Victor head out to talk to Duff again and find out what they can about Adelphia's lover, in case she's the one trying to kill Uno, and Dylan, Eldi, and Adia head to the junkyard so Dylan can get the parts he needs for his contraption.

The three guys find Duff willing to talk a little about Adelphia's lover, a mortal named Peter Willoughby. Turns out he's a college student, and he and Adelphia have been a thing for a while now. They decide they'll go track him down and see if he can lead them to some useful information without tipping their hand.

Dylan meets Blue, the guy in charge of the scrapyard (and a friend of Oscar, a mutual acquaintance). Dylan gets some materials, while Adia starts talking to spirits to find a garage they can use (Dylan's apartment doesn't come with work space). Her ghost friends talk to other ghost friends, and by the time Dylan is wrapping up his transaction, a ghost has offered them the workplace/garage in his house -- in return, however, he wants them to get his widow and her lover out of the house. They're on vacation, and the house should be empty for the work. Adia's good with this, but Dylan balks. He offers instead to find out what killed the man, and the ghost agrees. Dylan futzes with some relative gravity to make transportation and delivery easier, and they tie a bunch of stuff to the roof of his hoopty and they head off to a northern suburb. When they arrive, the garage is a freestanding building with a back driveway away from everything -- it's perfect. They pull in and Dylan begins sorting out stuff in this immaculate workspace -- all the tools, all in drawers, it's all perfect.

Meanwhile, Zeke does some checking and finds out that Peter is the son of a guy who ran for city council in a northern suburb back in the day, but died last year. He was a good guy and generally well respected. The father's house is back there. The son has that listed as his permanent address. They head up to the suburb to check out the family and see if they can locate the son. When they arrive, they discover that the house is big, with a big walled yard and grounds in back. There's a single car there, a compact sedan -- nothing fancy. The pool is covered over, like the owners aren't home. Victor gets out and investigates. He sneaks around the house to the backyard, only to discover that there's someone at the back garage. He goes up to the window and looks in, only to see Dylan and Adia and Eldi. He goes back out to let Uno and Zeke know to come around back, and then everyone is together again -- it seems the ghost was Peter's father, and someone -- Peter, presumably? is inside -- possibly with Adelphia!

Uno is torn -- he didn't want to confront Adelphia yet, not without knowing more, but she's right here, caught redhanded. Victor, fed up with dithering, throws up his hands and walks out of the garage, across the yard, up the back steps onto the deck, and then knocks on the backdoor. A woman answers, and he says, "Is the lady Adelphia here? Her knight would like to see her." The woman smiles and invites them all in.

Once they get into the living room, the woman drops her glamour and reveals herself to by a sylph. There are three more like her, all bodyguards of Adelphia -- and all of whom know Uno. They cool their heels and make small talk with the guards briefly, before Adelphia comes downstairs, dressed in a silk robe. Uno kneels, and she greets him warmly, chiding him for not having come to her before. She tells him that though she values him, she will not marry him, one way or the other. He has to become human if he is to be her knight, or he has to find another way to disqualify himself from the running -- she doesn't care how he does it, but he has to do it. She says she didn't try to have him killed, but there might be others who would prefer it. She doesn't consider herself bound by an agreement she has only now heard of, but that there are issues at play he'd do well to think of. She leaves him to figure it out and goes back upstairs to her boyfriend, and the sylphs escort the group back outside, but not before one of the sylphs comes on to Uno. The suggestion that he might seek out his counterpart in the Winter court is made, and then the door shuts.

Join us next time to see what happens!


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