GenCon, Day 1.

So Matt and the boys and I drove out to GenCon on Wednesday, getting here a day ahead of the official start so we could set up the booth and attend Trade Day and represent the Indie Games Showcase! for the con. Getting it set up was the usual mix of Victory! and frustration, so that was about par for the course. I did kiss a guy on the cheek for bringing me a bottle of water, though.

Thursday morning we head over bright and early to finish setting up the booth -- it takes a village and people with more coffee than I'd had, but we get it running, and then I spent most of the day there. Once we had it going... well, we had a really good day.

Thursdays are normally a decent day, but today was crowded like no Thursday I'd seen before. The hall was packed and not just in a huge queue for the one big thing, but in a lot of lines for a lot of cool things, and then also wandering around. The Indie Games Showcase (#1539) is our booth, and by our I mean Indie Game Designers Network, and it's got a wealth of games available across a number of different styles of play -- from pick up card games to full-on campaign settings and fleshed out game systems, with supplements. Good stuff.

I spent the day largely there, with some digression to the IGDN Game HQ, which is where our designers are running games for the most part. It's been a really good setup, and was packed all day.

When the exhibit hall closed, we decided to splurge and go to Mikado and have sushi, me and the boys and Matt. It was very good, but we won't get another such splurge again -- not cheap. And after dinner I played in a game called Dime Stories, which is a Western set in space, effectively. It was really good.

And now it's far too late and I need to fall over and go to bed. Tomorrow's a new day (and a new blog post) though!


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