#RPGaDay -- Week After GenCon edition!

Okay, so maybe we're doing this in weekly installments instead of daily. That's okay, right? Especially if I'm also writing on my dissertation?

10th: Largest in-game surprise you have experienced
I'd have to say in Monsterhearts (2nd or 3rd season) where it came out that Rook was kinda playing us all only. And when Dora left. And when Ginny's brother Bastian died. And when Austen and Briar actually became a couple. Okay, so lots of them. It was a big game for sudden plot twists.

11th: Which gamer most affected the way you play? 
Hrm. My ex taught me to play, but I don't know that he really affected the way I play -- he just gave me a space and means to do it, which I don't intend to discount -- it was a useful thing. I think honestly it might be my friend Trey. Trey was the first friend I made RPing on a World of Darkness MUSH, and our characters ended up getting involved -- I was a normal introverted human and he was an 8th or 9th gen Gangrel who was on the outs with the prince, so obviously that was going to go well. That was really the first game and RP where I was focused on character growth in story more than plot/game mechanics, though. It was pretty transformative.

12th: What game is your group most likely to play next? Why?
Oh lord. Well, I'm going to be gone for three weeks and they'll play something while I'm gone, but I'm not counting that. I think the next thing to come up is likely going to be Promethean 2nd ed. It's been a while, the book is out, and we've got a final chapter to go back to and finish for this chronicle. My character, Feather, may be approaching her New Dawn, and that's super exciting. After that -- hmm. Hard to say. We'll see.

13th: What makes a successful campaign?
Good chemistry among players and GM, and a certain level of commitment and buy in. Almost anything can be fun if everyone's consciously on-board for it and making the effort. At the same time, nothing kills fun faster than having to drag an unwilling player through a game, or constantly make sure there's enough people to play.

14th: Your dream team of people you used to game with?
Ooh. So, this excludes people I'm currently gaming with because I'm currently gaming with them. Um... My friend Phil from Seattle. I loved gaming with him. Tarisse -- she was so enthusiastic. :) Chey, before everything got weird -- we had great gaming chemistry. Trey, back before he got married -- his gaming changed after that and our chemistry in that department just vanished. Brannon -- I miss doing gaming stuff with him.


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