#RPGaDay: Dice, dice, baby.

It's #RPGaDay time again!

I like taking part in this for a few reasons: one, I don't see a lot of other women doing it, and I think it's important to be visible like this. Two, I think it's fun. Three, it gets me thinking about aspects of gaming I don't normally stop and think about. Four, it gets me in the habit of daily posting to my blog for a month. :) So let's give it a go!

August 1: Do you prefer to use real dice, a dice application or program, or use a diceless system?

Real dice. I have a brick of yellow/blue six siders (originally to play Warmachine in Cygnar colors), a regular set of polyhedrals in blue/purple swirl, and a bunch of FATE dice, plus some extra d10s (reflecting the amount of time we spend playing Storyteller games). All of it I keep in an ARU (All Rolled Up) I bought at GenCon a few years ago. It is the best dice conveyance ever. 

I've tried using programs before, but I like the kinesthetic experience of dice. Programs just feel lacking to me. I also don't play online games, so it hasn't proven needful for that reason. Diceless systems can be fun, but (unless we're talking about cards) I tend to miss the randomness that dice provide. 


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