Second Sock Malaise

This sock. This OMG sock. I am so over this sock, I cannot even tell you. And yet, it is not the sock's fault. It has done nothing wrong.

But let me start again.

So, once upon a time, I was involved in a Changeling: The Lost game that my husband ran. You could read about it here, if you wanted. In a fit of "I really don't know what I'm saying here" I decided to make each player a pair of socks inspired by their character. That fact that I had only made two, only partially successful, pair of plain socks previously did nothing to dissuade me; I felt it would be a learning experience. Oh boy, was it ever.

So, the first socks I chose were two-color repeating pattern colorwork. They also turned out to be weirdly fitting, and I chose the wrong yarn for them -- which is why my husband got the first pair. I still owe him a competent pair of socks, since he liked them anyway and wore a hole in them.

The second pair was overbig -- I chose the wrong size, but told myself it was okay because she often has ankle issues that make her feet swell. They had a cable pattern that was fun to figure out but I ended up running out of yarn, and the toe of the second sock ended up being another color. But since her character died once, I made it part of the story. Good pattern, though.

The third pair was just right -- two-color colorwork again, but not repeating, at least not on the leg portion. The yarn choice was right, the size was right, I finally understood heels... all good. There's a bit of a windowpane problem in that the design fades out in the picture, but that was less the case in person. And it was the player's favorite colors. Win.

Now these socks -- they're for Hod, btw, if you read the campaign and are wondering. Three-color fair isle, more or less. Winter court. I've been working on them on and off for a while -- I set them aside while I was doing giftmas knitting, but now I'm back to them because I need those 3 mm needles for something else, darn it, and they aren't going to knit themselves. The yarn is nice -- bamboo, designed for socks, has a nice bit of stretch to it. The pattern is "Mix it up" socks, where you pick and choose what pattern you're using and in what order. In short, exactly what you'd do if you were not using this pattern and just making up fair isle socks, but with some suggestions and without having to consult a fair isle book.

I completed the first sock a while ago and it's perfect. It fits, it's not got big holes in it, everything happened where and how it should... it's all awesome. And then I started the second sock, and I'm just... so wanting to be done. I am no longer in love with this sock, even though it's a perfectly good sock and I have no right to complain about it. I am currently on the third set of patterns and almost done with that. After the fourth set of patterns, I start on the heel, which will make them more interesting again. So really, it's not that bad and it'll be done soon. Second socks, though, man. Never stop in the middle of the second sock -- it's not worth it to get the willingness up to start again.

Once I move on to the next socks, I'll post the pattern here as well. I have three more characters to go -- not counting socks for my character, which may or may not happen. We'll see.


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