Okay, so my husband and I (really, it started with him and I bought into it) enjoy the Oscars. Yes, it's problematic on a number of levels. No, the Academy's choices don't reflect quality for a year as a whole, or the filmgoing public at large -- they're old, rich, white, film guys, basically, and that's oh-so-notably reflected in their choices. That being said... well, it's still a fun party.

So here's how this goes. We try to watch all the Oscar nominated films, generally giving a miss to at least some of the foreign films (really hard to come by in Cleveland), the shorts, and the documentaries. Yes, Cedar Lee does its best to get them, but between limitations of time and money, generally something has to give. That leaves us with the acting, writing, directing, and technical awards, pretty much.

We watch these movies until the awards show rolls around, and then we have a dinner party in which we cook one dish for each Best Picture nomination. We all then eat and drink wine and watch the red carpet and the awards and kibitz and it's fun. We don't dress up, because there's generally a full day+ of cooking going on and we are not on a red carpet, plus we have large friendly dogs who don't understand nice clothing. Along the way, I try to review the movies I've seen and give them commentary, so that I've got a record of them. Also, it's something to put on my blog. :) So you can expect a movie post every few days if nothing else, and if it's a best picture nomination, I'll try to put something about a food for it, maybe. Here we go!

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