Being a one-car household

So, since the beginning of the semester, my husband and I have been trying out co-commuting, effectively pretending that we only have one car (my car's lease is up and it's due back to the dealership on the 7th). In doing so, I have discovered a few things:

1) I don't mind being without a car, for the most part. I miss my radio station (he hates listening to the radio) and I miss my podcasts (his car is old and doesn't have an iPhone-compatible radio) but I can find other times and ways to enjoy these things.

2) Being on campus for longer each day has proven to be useful to my work. I'm sad about this -- I want to be able to work as well at home as I can at school, but that doesn't seem to be the case. I blame the corgi -- because if you have a corgi, it only makes sense to blame them. :)

3) I've started having my evenings largely free, while getting more work done during the day. This is actually pretty good for my sanity (and necessary during Oscar season). Good stuff.

4) Planning ahead sucks. I'm largely managing it with Matt's help, but it's just one more reminder that I have things I am not good at in life.

So... yeah. I'll get another car after we pay down some debt and get things squared away, but it won't be until the summer at the soonest, and maybe not until next year -- and I think that's okay. We'll see how this experiment goes.


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