So, since a shift in my meds, I have problems sleeping in any more. I fall asleep earlier than I was wont to do six months ago, and I wake up earlier than I'd like. By 7 AM on a typical day, sleep is no longer an option. And I know, all of you who have to get up earlier than that for work (including my husband) are all playing the world's tiniest violins for me, but here's the thing: would you willingly get up at that time if you didn't have to? I don't have anywhere to be that early, and I still can't sleep in. Thankfully, we have an arrangement where my husband makes coffee when he gets up so that I can get some, and then I can sit in bed with my computer and drink some coffee, and then the world seems like it's a far better place. But this also means that I should get some work done.

For this week, I need to study Latin for the final on Wednesday. So that gets done today and tomorrow. I need to work on moving my article into Chicago style so it'll be suitable for sending out for publication. I should also work on nailing down my prospectus topic, but if that ends up being a thing that gets done over the week instead of right now, I won't cry. I'm wanting to get it done by mid-January, but I'm also trying to be realistic about how much time I can and will devote to it over the holidays. If I can get some preliminary work done, then I can dig in during the first half of January and get it written after my kids have gone home and Matt's back at work again. I also have the unique potential of working on some fiction I have lying around unfinished. That's not a thing that's happened in a really long time... I'm kind of excited about it. We'll see. I'm also pondering starting in on wrapping my Christmas presents early this year, so it's not a marathon session at the end. Then again... okay, there's something to that marathon session with carols and egg nog and cheesy Christmas movies on the television. I don't know. We'll see. It's nice to have options, though. Very nice. :)

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