2014 To-Do List

It's a common practice to make resolutions, but I very rarely do it. For one, I know me, and something promised does not necessarily mean something done in any reasonable time frame. Not that I won't do it eventually, but it's a thing and I'm bad at time managing my things.

That said, the beginning of a new semester is an excellent time to shake up my routine and start settling some things into place. So while I won't really set goals for what I want to happen, I will tell you what I'm doing as of next week and certain things I have to achieve over the next six months, at least.

  1. Finish my reading list and formally assemble my committee -- due by the end of January, hard stop. 
  2. Work workouts into next semester, whether with Matt or on my own. I gained more weight last summer and fall due to the sprained ankle and loads of sedentary work, and I'm not happy about it. I at least need to get back to where I was before all that, and that requires going to the gym along with food management, and that requires a schedule. I need to schedule this stuff this week, so I can start it next week. 
  3. Get a paper ready for publication. Luckily I'm taking a seminar devoted to this. 
  4. Send a paper out to be published -- sometime over the year. Start keeping a paper on the back burner for that purpose, to be polished as I go. 
  5. Start on reading list, making it a priority. I need to schedule time each day to read and make it a formal thing, so that it doesn't slip away from me. 
  6. Pass my qualifying exams. 
  7. Publish Daedalus. I'm behind on this, but there's nothing to be done really until I get home. I can write some, but really there's nothing for it. 
  8. Order books for next semester. 
  9. Put together a prospective budget for the EGSA.
  10. Figure out a bank account solution for the EGSA. 
  11. Make some regular blog posts. 
  12. ... Honestly, looking at the above, I think that's good for goals and achievements. I'll add to it as I go. 


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