2013 in review

So overall this has been a pretty good year for me and mine.

  • The tree that fell on our house last winter was removed and the roof repaired (and insulated!), and we in effect got a new bedroom out of it, which was awesome. 
  • The boys both entered high school and found stuff they like to do, particularly drama club and wood shop. 
  • Si stopped chewing everything.
  • My family is in pretty good health.
  • I finished the fall semester of GAAAH (three full grad classes, man, plus teaching) with 3 As, a conference acceptance, and a prospective novel. 
  • Our company got Tragedy in Five Acts out and in good shape, and it got listed by io9 as one of the best storygames
  • My computer died, but I LOVE my Macbook Air, so that's okay.
  • I get to teach classes I really wanted through the next summer, and my co-teachers and I got a grant for the spring. :)
There were some less awesome things, but really, we lived through all of them and nothing that bad happened. 

I'm really very happy with the year that passed, though some of my friends had a much harder time of it. Here's hoping that 2014 is a better round for everyone. 


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