Things I've Learned in London: Day 1

  • London has a serious thing going on with avocados. I mean, I like avocados a lot, and even I am now wary of finding them where they don't belong after a single day. Caprese salad should not have avocado. Just. No.
  • Yay, I'm staying in a Georgian townhouse, on streets with a lot of other Georgian townhouses! I can pretend I've come to London for a season and can leave cards for people!
  • Boo, I'm staying on the third floor in a Georgian townhouse, with three flights of stairs and no lifts, as they say! And the plumbing is wonky. And there's no climate control, though the gorgeous weather currently makes that less of a concern.
  • I can eavesdrop on everyone, and only half of them are in a language I understand! Fun! :)
  • Doggies are everywhere! Everyone's walking a dog. It's awesome.
  • People are generally nice! It probably helps that I'm generally nice too.
  • I still feel like I'm walking around a movie set. I'm not sure how many days it'll take me to be convinced this is a real place I am actually. Perhaps all of them. The strangely surreal plumbing issues at my dorm do not help this feeling, to be frank.

    Stay tuned for more! 


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