Game Design Ideas

So, despite the fact that I need to be dissertating (and I am, I promise!), I keep having ideas for games. Some people do this with short stories; some people do this with article ideas, or crafting ideas, or whatever. I've gotten to the point that I do it with games. Now, I'm a person who believes that it's not the idea, but the execution that makes something awesome, so I don't mind talking about my ideas. I also think there's only a couple of people in the industry I know of who might be willing to take them and run with them, so it's not like there's a huge risk. As such, I'm going to list out my game ideas and hope that they'll leave me alone until next year, when I can actually start to do something about some of them. If, of course, some of my fair readers wants to comment on some of these ideas and tell me what they think, I'd be interested. Do note, these are mostly working titles.

  • Vovetas: My Game Chef entry from last year -- a rotating card game where you pass cards around the circle so the right person can combine them to get the cards you need into the center. In Alpha test -- needs work. 
  • That Looks Like A...!: A kid-friendly card game (also good for drunk people) where cards are clouds of different values, and you put them down in a random pile, trying to get points. You get to pick up the pile when you can identify a shape in the clouds and say "that looks like a ...!" filling in the blank with what it looks like. Debating adding in effect cards to change the shape or get rid of clouds or add more. Not even in alpha yet -- need to make a prototype and playtest. 
  • Tragedy 2nd Ed: Having some thoughts about how to rework the end game (the point at which it stops being a game), adding more or having fewer players, and tightening the play time required. Also providing readings and lesson plans. Still just random thoughts at this point. 
  • A Comedy in Five Acts: Ironically, a less cooperative game than A Tragedy in Five Acts. Possibly including more cards/randomness. Only a vague collection of plans right now. 
  • Steampunk Mad Scientists: A 4-player game with sliders to mark how evil/virtuous you are with your plans to take over the world. Based heavily on Victorian novels with dirigibles and political stuff and a bit of realism (child labor, anyone? Will you or won't you?) Basically four people make plans, and then at the end of X rounds, the best and the worst battle for ultimate control, and the other two help or hinder as they may, spending the resources they've accumulated. 
  • Gothic: What we do not have and obviously sorely need is a gothic RPG, and I am the woman to bring that about. I haven't thought anything more about it at this point, because I would just dive in heedlessly. 
  • Dragon Keepers: This would be an entry-level, teen-appropriate skirmish-level minis game. It would have a vague anime feel to it. Sides are composed of a teen leader, a dragon (or equivalent), and then lesser troops. A simplified system for ranges, no measuring -- map based. No overly sexualized characters, but having diverse representations. And yes, I've worked on minis games before -- I know this is crazy and would require huge amounts of funding, and I haven't even begun to source minis yet -- but it would be SO AWESOME.
  • Victorian Illuminati/weird science/psychic investigators RPG: There are games that try to do something like this, but they tend to get bound up in Steampunk and/or Mythos. There's nothing wrong with either of those, per se, but I feel both get overdone. This would be more The Prestige meets The Others meets The Woman in Black meets the most recent Dracula TV show, with a sprinkle (no more) of Van Helsing and the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, except the focus is on people, not monsters or literary figures come to life. Ideas only at this time. 
There you go. For now. Happy to talk about any or all of these in whatever amount of more detail I happen to have. 

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