GenCon's next week, and I'm going to be there! I'm wearing a few different hats this year: Co-owner of Growling Door Games, Convention Coordinator of IGDN, and manager of GenCon's very first quiet room, located in ICC 237!

However busy I'll be, though, I'd love to say hello to people and talk to them (and possibly sell you some games). So, want to find me at GenCon? Here's where you should look!

Wednesday, July 30th

IGDN Social! -- We'll be at Loughmiller's Pub from 6:00 to 9:00, with special drinks just for the group. The menu will be available to our guests (or to take out) during that time, and we'll have drink tickets ($5 each, each one worth 2 drinks). Come on down!

Thursday, July 31st

IGDN Booth! (#734, beside IPR) -- I'll be at the booth bright and early to kick off the exhibit hall opening and there on and off through the day.

Clue: A Tragedy in Five Acts -- 8:00 PM, Marriott Downtown, Ballroom 7. I'll be running a Clue-based game of A Tragedy in Five Acts! The event is sold out, but if you'd like to bring generics and try your luck, I'd love to have you stop by.

Friday, August 1st

IGDN Booth! (#734, beside IPR) -- from 5-6, I'll be closing out the day at the booth! Come by and see me. :)

Saturday, August 2nd

Signings & Meet and Greet! -- The IGDN Game Room (Marriott Ballroom 7) from 10-noon! Come by, talk design, ask me about my tender years as a delicate editing flower in the FASA greenhouse... whatever works!

IGDN Booth! (#734, beside IPR) -- from 1-6, I'll be hanging out in the booth, selling games! Come see me!

Sunday, August 3rd

IGDN Booth (#734, beside IPR) -- I'll be there from 12-2, helping people pick up all their last-minute purchases!

Outside of those times, I'll likely be wandering the exhibit hall, playing games, or checking out things in the Quiet Room. If I don't see you, have a great GenCon -- I know I will. :)

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