Rising Waters, Session 3

Evil Goblin by caoimm @ Deviant Art
Opening Song: The Sky is a Poisonous Garden Tonight, Concrete Blonde

So standing in the hallway, listening to the scrabbling on the roof, Uno calls Zeke and says that Heidi is going to host his party and oh, by the way, there's something weird going on and maybe they should come over. Zeke nods, everyone starts getting in the car, but then Adia realizes Eldi is missing.

Zeke goes looking for her and, with his keen eyes, realizes that she's pretending to be a flower in a flower stand. He goes to retrieve her, but she insists on being purchased, being a flower and all. Zeke rolls his eyes and buys her, then gives her to Adia, suddenly embarrassed because he's realized it looks like he's giving flowers to someone not his girlfriend. Adia stuffs Eldi back in her purse hurriedly ("Watch the wings!") and they all pile into cars. Dylan and Viktor ride in his car while everyone else goes with Zeke. When you let the kinetomancer drive, though, the laws of physics tend to work in weird ways, and although they leave together, the wizards get to Uno's brownstone first.

Dylan and Viktor get out of the car and walk up to the door. They're looking for weird stuff but don't see anything at first. Viktor looks around, though, and spots two goblins on the roof with bows and one over behind Dylan around the corner of the house. The ones on the roof fire arrows at Dylan and Viktor, but both miss. Dylan prepares a spell to deflect arrows in the direction he chooses, but when he looks back at the one beside the house, the goblin is gone. He holds onto the spell, though, as Zeke drives up with Adia and Eldi. Viktor uses his spirit/force magic to shove the goblin nearest him off the roof, which he successfully does.

Upon noticing that Dylan and Viktor were outside, Uno came out to join them. When the goblins see him, their focus shifts. Dylan still has his defensive spell in effect, but in the meantime he changes the friction under the fallen goblin and makes it too slippery for him to get up. Viktor tries to push the other demon off the roof as well, but this time it doesn't work. In the meantime, the goblin still on the roof shoots at Uno but misses as the changeling spins out of the way.

Zeke and the others pull up, just as this is happening. Zeke comes over to join the rest of them on the lawn, while Adia gets out from the car and hides behind it. Eldi, seeing other wildfae, goes over to see what's going on and see if she can make friends, or at least talk. Uno and Viktor both stand down a bit, going over to interrogate this goblin as well. He just grunts at them, though, and refuses to speak. Eldi tries to talk to him as well, but he just grabs for her. She flits out of the way, though, the slipper ground beneath the goblin aiding her escape.

While everyone's attention is elsewhere, however, the goblins attack. The one on the roof shoots again and Dylan's spell deflects it. Meantime, three more pop into being behind their targets: one behind Viktor, one behind Dylan, and one behind Uno, each with knives to strike their victims unawares.  Viktor and Uno manage to get out of the way, but Dylan's a scholar first, fighter second, and he gets stabbed in the leg and stumbles. Zeke shoots the one who attacked Viktor and hits, blowing a hole through his head, while Uno stabs his (but doesn't take it out) and Viktor stabs as well. The one on the roof vanishes, as does the one on the slippery ground.

The goblin on Uno attacks again unsuccessfully, as does the one on Dylan. Dylan creates a thunderclap and stuns the remaining goblins. Zeke shoots the one on Dylan and, between his and Dylan's efforts, he's taken out. The one on Uno disappears as well, leaving just the two on the ground, wounded and bleeding. Uno is trying to piece together what's going on (Eldi is very upset), and Adia throws out a bunch of change for Dylan to toss around, but there's no one left. A goblin appears atop the roof one more time and tells Uno that "his time will come, Summer Knight, and sooner than you'd think." And then they were gone.

The characters go inside and Zeke channels Sauriel to heal Dylan's leg -- taking those who hadn't seen it before a bit aback. Meantime, the goblins on the ground vanish -- nothing's left to show evidence of the battle. We'll see what happens next!


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