GenCon 2013 Post Mortem

So I'm back from GenCon. I am exhausted, but if I don't write down the things in my head now I'll completely space it, and I'm already behind enough on this blog as it is.

1) The IGDN booth was largely my con-home-base during exhibit hall hours, and I think things there went really well. I'm excited to see the final sales number tally and there are refinements and improvements to process that can be made, but overall I'm very pleased with how everything played out. Also, it was great to meet so many of the other IGDN folks in person.

2) The Embassy Suites was a mixed bag of a hotel for us. It is unlikely we'll stay there by choice again, even as I clearly acknowledge that nothing was terrible in and of itself and it could have been far worse. The lack internet access that wasn't prohibitively expensive figures heavily into this equation, however (not even in the public spaces), and the free printing in the business center isn't enough to make up for it.

3) Still waiting for the final sales tally, but the numbers seem promising as a guestimate and we got a ton of good press. Didn't win the ENnie for Best Electronic Book, but then, we got beat by Deadlands (gold) and Hobomancer (Silver). Magical hobos. Hard to beat that if it's done with any panache, and how can it not be?

4) Ended up with a conflict that kept me out of my panel. This made me sad, but they found a replacement and it all went off well. Not happy about having to make that choice or about putting the rest of the panel in that position. Totally my bad, too.

5) Food trucks are awesome, but they'd be awesome-er if they had more veggies available.

6) Saw a bunch of folks. Not as many as I'd have liked. My ankle has recovered well over the summer, but an evening on it after a day standing in the convention hall and walking everywhere means that my evenings were unsatisfactorily anti social. Still, many good times were had even so.

7) Had an excellent business meeting and I'm quite pleased with how it all shook out. Good things are afoot.

8) An artist came to our booth and showed us his portfolio. We must be a real company now. Speaking of that, my biggest regret is that I didn't get to peruse the art show and collect cards so that I can offer people work later. I only got one new card from someone, and his work made me stop and stare as I walked past.

9) Harry & Izzy's is really good and really expensive. But really good. Glad to have had the chance to eat there. :)


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